Tax Agency Services

Following the publication of the VAT Law we have taken up the task of providing VAT advisory and Tax Agent services to businesses in the UAE. Our Tax Department has been launched to offer a Tax Agency services and provide a complete tax solution...

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Intellectual Property Rights

Our IP experts are providing technical legal advice, audit contracts, revise and amend all kinds of infringements, providing legal expertise and preparation of technical reports and memorandums for UAE Federal and Local Courts...

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Arbitration is known as the most ancient, effective and fastest tool in resolving various complex issues between different parties. The concept of Arbitration is to arrive at a logical resolution agreed by all disputed parties without accessing to justice...

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personal status and family law

The personal status and family law is the legitimate window governing the relationship between individuals, family life and marital relations in various stages and its effects: 1. Affinity, 2.Giving birth, 3.Guardianship...

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Mohammed Bani Hashim & company’s property advising services has a wide range all across the Middle East and considers all the aspects related to the property industry. We established our property...

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family business

As Middle East is well reputed by the term, family controlled businesses so family controlled business has become a tradition in the Middle East, the families establish their businesses in many of the region’s key industries and they...

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financial crime

Mohammed Bani Hashem & Company’s Financial Crime Practice is exceptionally profile white color criminal cases. Our group of legal advisors, with worldwide and regional experience and expertise can provide...

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insurance and banking

Insurance is a system designed to protect an entity or institution or individual in the event of exposure to financial losses caused by an accident. Insurance is really helpful in some cases. Its principle is based on paying...

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mergers and acquisitions

Our team of Mergers and Acquisitions sector have a hands-on experience and across the region and highly confident to resolve any kind of complicated issues. We have completed merger and acquisition deals...

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technology, media & telecoms

Mohammed Bani Hashem advocates have its own department of experts who deals in technology, media and telecoms etc. With a different scope, experience and foundations, which permits us to give a complete...

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transaction and business

Commercial Law at the top of the pyramid of the different branches of law, and commercial transactions is the backbone of economic life. Given that the business accelerated in the region and the daily...

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We are providing consultation and advisory services to the transport sector in Middle East. We are facilitating our clients for their requirements of understandings the local and regional law Our lawyers have...

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About The Firm

MBH Advocates & Legal Consultants is a reputed full-service Law Firm established to serve justice and provide legal services of any level across the United Arab Emirates. We earned our reputation due to distinctive business approach, commitment, and understanding with our clients.

We strive to generate a premium level of legal assistance to solve the range of issues confronted by both businesses and individuals. These basic principles embody all that we deal with and result in a timely, transparent and effective litigation process.

MBH Advocates & Legal Consultants staffed with the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to deal with the most complex legal challenges and we pride in our unrelenting commitment to the excellence.

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Dubai lawyer and advocate

Mohammed Bani Hashem

Advocate & Founder

Maisoon Sulaiman

Managing Director

Help in court dubai

Suhail Alshaikh

Lawyer & Partner

Help in court sharjah

Eman Musallam Alriyami

Lawyer & Partner

intellectual property, patent

Zahi Al Zureikat

IP Expert, Consultant

Tax agent, VAT consultant

Suliman Qandil

Tax Agent, Tax Consultant

Civil lawyer

Al Sayed Mohammed

Legal Consultant

lawyer, advocate, attorney, sharjah

Elsayed A. Mohammed

Legal Consultant

Krystyna Nechaeva

Legal Consultant