The basic function of appellate courts is to review the decisions of lower courts to determine if reversible error has been committed. Such review involves the explanation and application of the law to a given set of facts. The appellate lawyer deals primarily with the law, not the facts; he argues to judges, not to lay juries. The focus of the appellate specialist is on legal argument, through written and oral advocacy.

At the appellate the aim of the appellate attorney is to be convincing and to effectively assist the appellate courts in achieving their review and decision-making objectives. In achieving this goal, the appellate practitioner must be proficient in several key areas, including, but not limited to: brief writing; oral argument; and rules of appellate procedure. Knowledge and experience in the appellate process are central to attaining such proficiency, as they would be with respect to any other field of law.

Our legal team debates appeals in state and federal appellate courts in UAE. We provide clients with honest analysis about whether filing an appeal is worth the time and expense in their particular case. Whether we represent the appellant or a client responding to an appeal, our ability to synthesize and analyze the case, the record, and the controlling standards of review can significantly aid in the creation of compelling arguments that earn judicial and client trust as well as precedential victories.

Many lawyers view an appeal as a “second chance” to argue their case before a second jury and to present what they deem to be the crucial facts and equities which will make all the difference. We handle cases on appeal that were originally tried by our attorneys in the trial courts, in addition to appellate cases that were tried by other litigators.

The appellate court proceedings differ from those in the trial courts, making it especially important to work with an attorney who regularly handles appeals. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to navigate even the most complex appeals.