Arbitration ​

Arbitration is known as the most ancient, effective and fastest tool in resolving various complex issues between different parties. The concept of Arbitration is to arrive at a logical resolution agreed by all disputed parties using proper procedure of justice.

Our core team of Arbitration is having specialist practitioners, many with an international background. On the basis of their knowledge of the Middle East and their rich experience of both international and regional level, they are well aware of all the essential expertise to provide representation at the highest level across regions and industries.

We prioritize arbitration in many disputes because of its positive role and impact to avoid its dealing in the corridors of the judiciary, especially in certain situations, such as spousal disputes or those relating to the conclusion and execution of contracts, particularly the long-term technology trade and joint ventures.

Our Working Areas

In the past we have worked as counsel and arbitrators in clashes among the parties from around the world in the following fields:

  1. Joint Ventures, Consortia, and Corporate agreements
  2. Deals and Purchase Agreements
  3. Vitality and Natural Resources including;
    1. Disagreements about Crude Oil
    2. Refined Products
    3. Metals and Minerals
  4. Universal Trade
  5. Distributorship and Agency Agreements
  6. Development and Engineering
  7. Property Disputes
  8. Protection, Re-protection, and Mutual Assurance Issues
  9. Speculation and Infrastructure
  10. The question emerging under Bilateral Investment Treaties
  11. Games and Related Contracts

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