At MBH Advocates provide client oriented legal counsel in all areas of criminal defense. We offer the best criminal lawyers in Dubai. Our objective is to help you in these difficult times by understanding your objectives, clear and prompt communication, and continuous awareness of the cost/benefit trade-offs that are inherent in any legal representation. We aim to obtain that best possible results in your case whether it is to dismiss or to settle your matter.

When it is possible, we prefer to represent clients immediately following arrest at the earliest possible stage in the legal process — that is before bail review, bond review, custody or detention hearing, and pretrial release.  This is so we can walk you through these steps with the support of our experience, ensuring that your best interests are always being served. With MBH Advocates, get the best criminal lawyer in UAE.

We then continue to facilitate client’s’ movement through the judicial system, from pretrial discovery to court or jury trial and, when necessary, post-trial hearings.

Our expert lawyers also handle post-conviction matters. Our objective is work towards an acquittal, dismissal of the case, or a reduction of the charges. If jail is inevitable, we look for suitable alternative to imprisonment. It can be possible through plea-bargaining vs trial, we work tirelessly to obtain the best results possible.

Seek the advice of our expert attorneys on the assistance and support of a criminal defense or financial crime in case if you face this most unfortunate experience.