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As the Middle East is well-reputed by the term, family-controlled businesses so family-controlled business has become a tradition in the Middle East, the families establish their businesses in many of the region’s key industries and they are affecting the size, and the range of their investments, moreover they employs a comparatively less number of people.

In the GCC district, our administrations gave identified with Family Business are celebrated for the flawlessness in the conveyance of advice. We make and figure a legitimate design of the family organizations and resources from outer dangers and inward family dialog discussions.

MBH Law Firm is conferred and ensured an immaculate trail to the future capable arranging about family effects and has unique nearby and provincial mastery in structure those legitimate courses of action about sources and business while holding completely through the GCC and MENA. We accordingly help those associations in balancing out their proprietorship on concerning resources and at some point notwithstanding supporting them in organizing resources for family’s private concern.

The imprint land with us is, we generally stay in contact with some driving Sharia researchers to outline family business structures and succinct understandings that are complete as per Sharia Laws. It is our qualification that we can attempt to close some immaculate arrangement of regulation, which, in the meantime, are solid and adaptable also. These outcomes in encouraging productive business structures and families to be ready to correspond the interruption or inclusion from mainstream authorities, permitting a consistent change from the first family stewardship to the upcoming generation.


Our Expertise

To satisfy our clients from the vision of local and international experts who apply for family business expertise and support at their best on legal services this is only offered at Mohammed Bani Hashem & Company. We are aiming, to maintain a very close liaison with our specialists and also try to maintain a relationship of horizontal supervisory level to offer conventional business restructuring, succession planning, and property. We are trusted in advising and provide the following additional specialized services:

  1. Family-related Constitutions.
  2. Conventional corporate rebuilding.
  3. Restricted risk structures are custom-made to oversee business dangers.
  4. Family corporate administration frameworks.
  5. Administration and determination between generational clashes.
  6. Foundation and administration of family bolster workplaces.

We have very good legal experience in the following:

  1. Legitimate Structures securing against and overseeing lawful dangers and exposures connected with family business ventures.
  2. Tailor-made lawful elements and plans, which kill business interruption on the occasion of family move (e.g. Retirement, insufficiency or passing).
  3. Tying family constitutions, which oversee and channel dialogs and civil arguments, and make ready for a reasonable and methodical move to future stewardship.
  4. Bespoke administration arrangements in light of particular family and business circumstances including:
  5. Instructive improvements of more youthful relatives, best practice conveyance of Zakat, and general humanitarian giving.
  6. Purchase back systems for relatives coveting liquidity.
  7. Guidelines, strategies, and structures for family wander stores.

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