Maritime law is important for states half surrounded by water. Maritime Law (also known as Admiralty Law) is a separate body of law governing a variety of maritime-related conflicts and disputes.

Emirates Maritime Law regulates all maritime occupations, along with recreational and commercial activities that occur in the sea of United Arab Emirates. Maritime claims involve a wide variety of claims arising from the operation and navigation of boats, oil rigs, ships, cruise ships, yachts, sail boats, jet skis, personal water crafts, tankers, cargo ships, as well as almost any conceivable type of water craft that is connected to an operation on navigable waters.

At MBH Law Firm our experts represent our clients operating in the Gulf who need efficient and cost-effective defense representation in a broad range of admiralty law matters, including:

  1. Maritime liens;
  2. Commercial/contractual claims (including charter parties);
  3. Variety of other maritime disputes.
  4. Cargo carriage disputes;
  5. Oil spills;
  6. Water pollution claims;
  7. Vessel financing, operation, construction and re-building disputes;