MBH Advocates & Legal Consultants are always a step ahead in terms of latest updates and new laws & regulations across the UAE. Following the publication of the Value Added Tax Law (“VAT Law”) and the subsequent release of the VAT Executive Regulations by the UAE Ministry of Finance, Mohammed Bani Hashem Law Firm has taken up the task of providing VAT advisory and Tax Agent services to businesses in the UAE, by appointing a Tax Agent/Consultant to the Team.

Who is a Tax Agent?

A Certified Tax Agent is a new career in UAE which was created by the Federal Tax Authority of UAE to help companies and individuals to fully comply with the Tax laws and regulations. In order for a tax agent to be certified by the UAE government, he/she must have solid experience in the tax field. In addition to that, the tax agent must pass many exams and courses in order to get the membership.

Our Tax Department has been launched to offer a Tax Agent services and provide a complete tax solution, from VAT compliance advice to the complex tax litigation, due to the effective combination of financial and legal professionals.

The Department is staffed with tax professionals and lawyers, to provide effective tax resolution and resolve tax liabilities with the Federal Tax Authority in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Tax Agent Mr. Suliman Qandil is a Certified Tax Agent by the Federal Tax Authority of UAE (Agent Name: Suliman Qandil – TAAN: 20049300).

We strive to assist our business clients in avoiding unhappy tax surprises by performing tax reviews and effective tax strategies to minimize tax liability.

Advantages of hiring a Certified Tax Agent

(Only a Certified Tax Agent is authorized to provide such services, as per the UAE law):

  • Preparing and submitting tax returns to the FTA on behalf of the client;
  • Enquiring about tax related matters with the FTA on behalf of the client;
  • Attending the FTA Tax Audit on behalf of the client;
  • Submitting requests for consideration of decisions issued by the FTA;
  • Submitting objections to FTA decisions to the Tax Disputes Resolution Committee;
  • Tax-related litigation in Courts.

Our tax services start from the initial review of the business process to evaluate its readiness for VAT implementation and further to give an advice on necessary changes in the business process to make it suitable for VAT filing and declarations.

Services provided by the Certified Tax Agent as a tax consultant

(Legal & Accounting part):

  • Helping the businesses to register with the FTA;
  • Maintaining tax-related records and/or information and preparing a tax file;
  • Assisting the businesses for a correct Tax calculation;
  • Providing an expert Tax and/or legal consultation over all matters related to Tax in the UAE including updates, changes, and new regulations;
  • What and when to claim VAT input;
  • Correct implementation of methods used for “Adjustments under the Capital Assets Scheme”.

Tax Support Services:

  • VAT Registration: We assist during the whole process of your company registration in the FTA and provide you with ready-to-go “Tax Registration Number”.
  • VAT Return Preparation: As it is crucial to submit crystal-clear Tax Return to avoid fines and problems with FTA, we will assist you in calculating VAT and submitting an error-free VAT return.

Tax Consultation Services:

  • VAT Accounting: We provide professional consultation when it comes to calculating VAT and correct account entries to avoid VAT errors.
  • VAT Legalization: We provide an expert legal consultation over all matters related to VAT in UAE including updates, changes, new regulations and more.

Tax Supervision Services:

  • Supervise the internal accounting system, to make sure it meets and complies with FTA requirements.
  • Supervise full-implementation of UAE’s VAT laws and regulations. Laws and regulations are susceptible to changes, so you have to be updated and informed when any changes apply.

Our Tax consultant is up to date on the latest developments regarding VAT laws in UAE, to help clients prepare and meet requirements to comply with the local tax obligations. Thus, we can help your financial team and accountants to be updated on the latest VAT requirements in the UAE, effectively prepare and comply with the tax obligations, to adapt and modify internal operations. Whether you are an individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, our tax specialists understand exactly how to deal with tax issues.

To discuss any personal or business tax issues please call +971 56 709 2356.

Email: tax-agent@mbhadvocates.com