Meet Our Team

Our MBH Team reflects the core values that promote competent legal advice & advocacy to the wide range of clients, local and expats.
Our attorneys and legal consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of litigation and provide our clients with realistic expectations along with all possible outcomes for them. We strive to provide the best & effective solutions through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and court-related litigation as tools to achieve our clients’ goals.


Mohammed Bani Hashem

Advocate & Chairman

Mohammed Bani Hashem is a local Emirati lawyer and licensed advocate, with a broad knowledge base and litigation history in the United Arab Emirates, founder of MBH Law Firm.
Graduated from Dubai Police Academy and possesses strong post qualification experience in the UAE National Army and Police, that allows him to play an important and visible role in all areas of the legal profession, based on national values and Islamic ethics. He leads the team of Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman offices.
Mohammed Bani Hashem an accomplished public speaker & effective negotiator assists clients with the resolution of a broad range of disputes including commercial matters, civil & criminal litigation, commercial arbitration, as well as other areas. Admitted to all UAE courts.
He is adept to represent equally either a plaintiff or a defendant. Due to his broad practice, he does both types of work excellent and extremely practical approach to clients’ matters.
Superb communication skills, competency in making effective decisions and finding innovative solutions to diverse and complex legal affairs.
Since 2016 – co-author and speaker at Bel Qanoon (By Law) TV Show at Ajman TV.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Maisoon Sulaiman

Managing Director

Mrs Maisoon is graduated from the College of Business Administration and successfully following her professional path with ongoing achievements. She has taken the strong will as a weapon, success as a path and excellence as a goal, and proved herself in record time in the field of team management. 
Holding a Master degree in business administration, Maisoon has a strong asset of professional intellectual and creative capacities, as well as mastery of several languages, which enable her to deal professionally, efficiently and skillfully with clients and partners. 
From the Office Manager to the Managing Director at MBH Advocates, Maisoon proved her efficiency in managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of all the three offices.
As a leader of the management team, she ensures that the firm delivers all its strategic qualities, such as being client-focused, innovative and delivering the best possible outcomes for clients. Maisoon is also responsible for the development and implementation of the firm’s corporate strategy and business plans.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Suhail Alshaikh

Lawyer & Partner

A certified Emirati lawyer graduated from Dubai University and admitted to the local and federal courts in the UAE of all jurisdictions, one of the three partners at MBH Advocates.
Mr Suhail is a persuasive lawyer with a high level of insight and legal analysis that enables him to provide tactfully, considered and tailored legal advice.
Before commencing at MBH Advocates, Mr Suhail has been a President for almost seven years at Amerione Group, a business management company in Dubai. Earlier he was an Assistant Manager for two years at Emirates NBD Bank, this has enabled him to develop clear insight in banking and finance law.
Mr Suhail has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in Sharia Laws, Banking sector, Commercial, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Debt Collection.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

advocate, lawyer

Eman Musallam Alriyami

Lawyer & Partner

A certified Emirati lawyer before the local and federal courts in the UAE of all jurisdictions. Graduated L.L.B from Ajman University in the UAE. Experienced advocate in all types of cases and legal matters, one of the three partners at MBH Advocates.
Mrs Eman appears regularly on behalf of clients in civil, criminal and family cases, mostly in Sharjah Court, as well as in arbitration for most complex business issues. Providing legal consultancy in all types of legal matters in the UAE.
Prior to joining MBH Advocates as a Partner, madam Eman was running her own law firm Al Riyami Advocates & Legal Consultants.
Have been awarded many national and regional awards for her achievements and contributions in the field.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

tax consultant, VAT

Suliman Qandil

Tax Agent / Tax Consultant

Suliman Qandil is a registered Tax Agent No.TAA-20049300 and certified Tax Consultant in the UAE. He has over ten years of accounts experience gained in accounting practice, banking and risk management. With his knowledge, Suliman is eager to emphasize service rather than price. He is able to provide an excellent service geared to the individual or corporate needs of the clients, included tax resolution, tax preparation supervision and tax consultation.
He holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Banking from Dubai University, UAE. Before joining MBH Advocates, he worked over 3 years as a Credit Risk Analyst at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Mr. Suliman is registered at the Federal Tax Authority and can act as a Tax Agent. Apart from that, he provides a number of Tax services included VAT registration, VAT return filing, VAT audit, VAT consultation, VAT Legalization, as well as providing training services.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

IP expert, consultant

Zahi Al Zureikat

Intellectual Property Expert / Head of IP Department

Zahi Zureikat obtains his degree of law in Damascus in 1993. Prior that, he worked as an Executive Secretary of Undersecretary of the Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Information and Culture, from 1974-1990 in Abu Dhabi. From 1992-2005, he worked as a Legal Researcher in the Intellectual works and Copyright office. During this time he took part in setting up the Laws of Intellectual property in the UAE in the cooperation with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).
2005- 2008 he worked in the Ministry of Economy as a Legal Researcher in their IP section.
Later he worked as a legal expert at Emirates Advocates, Abu Dhabi until 2013, wherein he wrote memorandums especially in the field of intellectual property & has attended numerous court hearings.
At MBH Advocates, Mr Zahi is heading Intellectual Property Department, providing legal consultations regarding IP rights to individuals and companies, in compliance with UAE laws and international practice.
Meanwhile, he just finished a literary work concerning copyright and neighboring rights, as well as a dictionary concerning intellectual property and currently organizing its publishing.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

lawyer in ajman

Al Sayed Mohammed Attia

Legal Consultant / Ajman Office Manager

Mr Sayed is one of the first members at MBH Advocates team. He concentrates his practice over most complex legal matters and applies a realistic strategy in handling various cases. The clients reach him from all over the Emirates, due to his approach to building a successful litigation strategy and forming excellent lawsuits.
Began his legal career and litigation practice in Cairo, where he specialized in complex legal trials. He has extensive experience in representing both plaintiffs or defendants that enables him to bring a balanced practical approach with each client.
At MBH Advocates he is leading our legal team in Ajman and focuses on criminal, civil and family cases. Improves his work and attends conferences, expert hearings, negotiations, and settlement meetings.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

lawyer in sharjah

Elsayed A. Mohammed

Legal Consultant / Sharjah Office Manager

Mr Sayed is our Legal Consultant and an erudite lawyer, with a broad knowledge base and experience of various legal disciplines, including civil, criminal, family and commercial legislation.
At MBH Advocates he is managing our Sharjah office team and focuses on the same areas, providing legal consultations and drafting excellent lawsuits.
Mr Sayed is a critical thinker, highly motivated and dedicated. He joined our firm in 2017 and quickly proved his high qualification.
Holds an L.L.B from Zagazig University, Egypt (2006), and a Grant of an international consultant from the Academy of political affairs in Egypt and Certificate of International Commercial Arbitration I.C.A.
Member at an institution of international commercial arbitration in the Middle East.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

lawyer, legal consultant dubai

Mohamed Eltokhy

Legal Consultant / Dubai Office Operations Manager

Mr. Eltokhy practices in areas of criminal law, property and real estate law and has wide experience in the execution of the judgments. He is also responsible for the practical assistance to clients at MBH Advocates. He is aware of details of procedure in First Court, appeal and cassation stages. As an outstanding member of the team, Mr. Eltokhy attends RDC hearings and expert meetings in various cases. He is always directed on new results and success in the work of the company, thus he is successfully managing the team in the Dubai office.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Dr. Krystyna Nechaeva

Lawyer/Legal Consultant

Highly educated and professional corporate lawyer with legal experience in Ukraine, Russia, and UAE. Dr. Maryam earned her Master in Law Degree magna cum laude in 2012 from the National “Jaroslav the Wise” Law Academy in Ukraine and then post graduated (Ph.D.) from Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs (KhNUIA). Dr. Maryam enjoyed an early start in her legal career as a Judge Assistant at Court while earning her Master Degree. Since her successful graduation, she immediately started her Juris Doctor Degree in the same Academy and continued a legal career as a Lawyer in local Law Firm. In addition to her main degree, Dr. Maryam has completed five various legal courses on Asset Management, Depository Standards, Land Law and Land Rights, Labour Law, Arbitration Management. Since joined MBH Advocates, Dr. Maryam has successfully completed Wills & Probate Training Courses at DIFC Wills & Probate Registry. Her broad practice includes Civil & Criminal Litigation, Commercial Litigation including in DIFC, Islamic and non-Islamic family disputes, Property Disputes & Assets Management. As a specialist, Dr. Maryam is creative in her work and decisions, always seriously manages all tasks and cases with an excellent result. Known for her strong negotiation skills, Dr. Maryam is committed to obtaining optimum results and cost-effective solutions for her clients. In addition, she is an experienced speaker and regularly takes part in regional and international forums and seminars. Successfully hosts her blog Legal One UAE on YouTube and Instagram.
Spoken languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

lawyer, legal consultant dubai

Mohamed Ali

Legal Consultant

Mr Mohamed Ali is a part of our litigation team in Dubai and has comprehensive cognizance in UAE litigation process. He is responsible for court proceedings in sharia, civil, commercial and criminal cases starting from opening the case in court until the execution of the judgment.
He supports the team in Dubai Office and cooperates with all the members to achieve the best results for the client’s needs. Upwards of mentioned Mr Mohamed coordinates the vast paperwork in all stages of the litigation in Dubai Courts.
Spoken languages: Arabic

lawyer, legal consultant ajman court police

Mostafa Attya

Legal Consultant

Mr Mostafa Attya advises clients at our Ajman office on various legal matters including family disputes and child custody, civil claims, criminal litigation, as well as real-estate issues.
Outstanding in drafting contracts, court memos, notices, objections, as well as commercial contracts and agreements.
Holds Bachelor degree in Law from Zagazig University, Egypt.
His professional experience in the UAE started in 1996 as a lawyer and legal consultant in local law firms and companies.
From 2002 to 2006 he worked as an investigator at the Abu Dhabi Police.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Legal Researcher

Suha Aziz Hameed

Legal Researcher / Execution Department

Suha Hameed is the most experienced legal researcher in our head office Ajman.
Her brilliant professionalism enables her to deal with various cases on behalf of clients. She concentrates her daily work in Ajman Court and Public Prosecution, handling civil, commercial, criminal and family cases, and following up with execution department. Her main tasks are to review and prepare documents, pleadings, trial preparation, drafting of court requests and legal assistance to the attorney.
Miss Suha started her legal experience in Syria and continued in the UAE.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Legal Researcher

Hany Abdel Hay

Legal Researcher

Mr Hany is our legal researcher in Sharjah office. Every day he is dealing with the government bodies, whether Police, Public Prosecution or court, to support effectively all the cases on behalf of our clients in Sharjah.
Due to his high efficiency and experience, we never delay our cases’ registrations, submitting legal documents and following up with the authorities.
His knowledge and way of work make him professional in reviewing the documents, pleadings, court requests and assistance to our attorneys.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Legal Researcher

Ayman Mashally

Legal Researcher

Mr Ayman is our legal researcher in the Dubai branch. Every day he is dealing with the government bodies, whether Police, Public Prosecution or court, to support effectively all the cases on behalf of our clients in Dubai.
He follows up hearings at all stages in the Dubai Courts, including case executions and cessation hearings, submitting requests, objections, apply complaints to the Police stations on behalf of our clients.
His knowledge and experience make him professional in reviewing the documents, pleadings, court requests and assistance to our attorneys.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Legal Researcher

Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Al-Ela

Legal Researcher

Mr Mohamed Ibrahim is our legal researcher in the Dubai branch. Every day he is dealing with the government bodies, whether Police, Public Prosecution or court, to support effectively all the cases on behalf of our clients in Dubai.
Being young and vigorous, he is never delaying cases’ registrations, timely submitting legal documents and following up with the authorities.
His knowledge and way of work make him professional in reviewing the documents, pleadings, court requests and assistance to our attorneys.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Legal Researcher

Sivadas Chandran

Public Relations Delegate

Sharjah Office
Spoken languages: English, Hindu

Legal Researcher

Doaa Hassan Ismail

Public Relations Specialist

As a public relations specialist, Mrs Doaa creates and maintains a favourable public image for MBH Advocates. She is extremely positive, friendly and creative in her work.
Her job is to generate positive publicity for our firm and enhance its reputation, identity, handle client relations, and the relationship between branch offices.
Due to her organizational and interpersonal skills she successfully conducts market research, expansion of business contacts via personal networking, represents our firm’s portfolio to the potential clients and partnerships.
Spoken languages: Arabic, English

Yulia Perepeliak

Public Relations Specialist

Yulia is graduated from Kyiv National University in Ukraine and earned her Master of Laws Degree in 2005. After gaining a versatile experience as a legal consultant and HR specialist in Ukraine, Yulia has moved to Dubai seeking new opportunities.
In addition to her legal knowledge, she has got the experience in marketing as well and started her UAE career with the marketing department of MBH Advocates, combining her legal knowledge and creative vision to promote the Firm and its legal services to the public. Now she leads the firm’s marketing sector, producing eye-catching and innovative communication material, handling all social media profiles and web SEO. She is responsible for both internal and external strategic communications. Her remit is also to attract new clients for the firm through effective marketing.
Her continuous professional development and Law Degree enables her to keep up with the latest legal industry trends and provides her with a wide network of experts in professional services. As a paralegal, she communicates with the new clients through social media and provides primary consultations and assist in simple legal matters.
Spoken languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.